Stretch Consulting

It’s not the physical stretch but the mental stretch.  Are you on an entrepreneurial journey of your own?  Do you have a new or existing business?  Are you wanting to maximize your value in your business and make your business really work for you?  Peter mentors entrepreneurs and conducts business coaching that targets and repairs the weaknesses in your business.

How can stretch consulting help you?


Wednesday July 17th

1.Interview Course at 8h00 – 10h30

Cost – R250.00

2. Preparation for the Interview Course at 11h00 – 12h00

Cost – R100.00


Knowles Superstar

22 Chancery Ln, New Germany, Pinetown, 3610

031 701 8251

how it works?

The service will normally be conducted on a distance learning basis.

Initially there will be one or two face to face meetings to establish and develop the relationship.

During the meetings we will agree on the terms of the association and how future contact will be made and when.


What is the cost?

This will depend on the length of time and will need to be discussed.

What do I do if I don’t live in your area?

I do travel. If distances are great then we can make use of the internet.

What happens if it doesn’t work?

The first 30 minute consultation is free to establish if we can work together.

interview training

As a job seeker have you been rejected again? 

Now what?

Here’s what:

Before applying for the job, do the homework.

Prepare the basics for the interview – eye contact, attitude, honesty, research.

What questions could they ask you in the interview?

What can you offer them?  What are your strengths?

Show them that you are the person they want and not your piles of paperwork.
Our four-hour induction course can change you from candidate to finalist.

Cost – R500.

Upcoming dates for out interview training program- 5th and 12th June 2019


Time – 8h00 (Sharp) – 13h00.

Venue – Glenwood High School.

Ask for- Ivan Clark Pavillion.

Physical address:
1 Z K Mathews Rd
4001 South Africa.

Banking Information

Name of Account: P.A. Jones
Bank: Capitec Bank
Branch: Pavillion
Branch Code: 470010
Account Number: 1385574540

Reference – Your Cell Number

Please email proof of payment to:


I don’t have money?

If you have whatsapp on a Monday I will talk to you. Make contact with me first.

Will you get me a job?

I will try and arrange a job interview for you if you have the right criteria.

Will I gain anything from this training?

If you don’t I will give you your money back.

The School of life

Designed for students from Primary through to High School age, to give them the edge they’re going to need.  

Book a seat (maximum 10 students per module) on our next Life Skills Learnership module, that will take students on a one-hour start-up, through the essential basics that can give them a foot in the door.

They’ll learn something about:

How good manners and etiquette can open doors for them.

The meaning of ‘The Art of Leverage’.

How lateral thinking can help them to grow.

How to develop their workplace skills.

How money works.

How to enjoy what they’re doing.

The ultimate outcome?

A more balanced and confident approach to what lies ahead:

A winner.


Will my child enjoy it?

We have an introduction meeting to evaluate your child he establish if we are able to work together.

How does payment work?

It’s done a month in advance.

Where is the venue?

Will depend on the activity. Parents will know a month in advance.

Will it be classroom activities only?

We will have excursions as well.