the solution: Gutter goodie

The Gutter Goodie, designed to fit most common gutter channels, has arrived! There’s nothing too revolutionary about the concept, but the simplicity and ease of installation and maintenance are what makes it unique. From a DIY point of view, it’s a doddle, and all one needs is some ladder-competence and a pair of garden scissors. The Gutter Goodie is light, flexible, u.v. resistant, and comes packed, 6 x 1.5-metre lengths in a box.

Installation is easy.

For most of us, the days of having people help around the house chores on our behalf have gone. It’s too expensive to have the service providers arrive and mow the lawn, clean the pool and trim the hedges. Now it’s our turn to sweat the small stuff. There goes another weekend! Of all the maintenance jobs that one has to do around the house, there can be few as time-consuming, iritating, dirty and dangerous (if you fall off the ladder), and unfortunately, regular, like that of cleaning out the gutters. It is double punishment if you happen to live anywhere near trees. The consequences of not regularly cleaning out the accumulated mulch of leaves and detritus that accumulates in the gutters are sometimes more far-reaching than one might imagine. Apart from the unsightly mess eventually becoming visible to all and sundry from ground level, and the unexpected and rather startling arrival of a rampant gutter-garden, there is the more damaging blockage of the stormwater drains that will inevitably follow suit.

Easy Installation:

  1. Identify and clean out the problem gutters. Remove all the mud and leaves etc. from inside the channel, and hose the gutter down. 

2.  Measure the gap between internal gutter supports (if there are any) in the gutter channel, and cut lengths of The Gutter Goodie to suit. If there are no internal impediments, just fill the channel with lengths of The Gutter Goodie, butt-joining lengths if necessary. No gluing is required. 

3. Once inserted, The Gutter Goodie must be bedded in to the gutter channel, preferably to fit under the tile overhang. The down-pipe inlet must also be covered.

4. Maintenance is confined to the occasional brushing or hosing off of any accumulated chaff that lies between the tiles and The Gutter Goodie. All large leaves will be blown off the roof in the normal way, without ending up in the gutter – the convex shape formed by the mesh, between the gutter lip and the tile edge will prevent this. The Gutter Goodie will not impede water flow from the roof into the gutter, even in heavy rainfalls. About twice a year, it may be necessary to remove The Gutter Goodie, shake it to dislodge any material trapped inside, and then replace it.


What is the Cost of Gutter Goodie?

R35 per running meter which includes VAT.

What if GG is too big for the gutter?

Cut the length of GG with scissors, get tie downs and thread it through the GG to the required diameter.

What if the GG is too small for the gutter?

Cut the length of GG with scissors. Turn it inside out and the GG will expand to the diameter of the gutter.

Will the sun effect the GG?

No its UV resistant.

How often will I need to take out the GG for maintenance?

This will depend on the trees around your roof. 

Can I use GG only at the down pipes?

No to be effective, the full length of the gutter must contain the GG.


“The Gutter Goodie leaf guards are easy to use, cost-effective and fit all standard gutter shapes.”

Yours Truly, Maureen